Becoming aware of exactly what the time and freedom reveals to its members

The Time and Freedom ( is a MLM group that has grown considerably in the year and a half since its kick off. Although there has been some controversy surrounding GIN, men and women keep joining mainly because of the many benefits that folks are seeing from what this group teaches.

The key theme that flows throughout GIN and what it educates to its members is the Law of Attraction. This is the notion that everything you’d like to see come about in your life can be brought about by thinking in the correct manner. It’s the idea that your accomplishment or failure in life has much more to do with whether or not you are thinking appropriately than all the how to you focus on.

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Many individuals still don’t recognize how powerful the Law of Attraction is and have said there is a Time and Freedom scam. This isn’t because there actually is a scam. It really has more to do with the fact that most men and women were raised by mothers and fathers who passed down a huge delusion. This fable is that accomplishment in life is all about concentrating on method and process as opposed to a proper thinking (mental) procedure. This variety of “life training” has led to the downfall of many folks since they focus their energy more on discovering “how” to do something even as their inner thoughts that focus on why they can’t get ahead sabotage their accomplishment.

This is where the multi-level marketing opportunity comes into play. People have the chance to join this Multi level marketing team, learn some good personal growth and development materials and then recruit others into the group. Although GIN talks about subjects such as secret societies and the elite class, the organization genuinely isn’t too different from other Multilevel marketing organizations, such as Monavie, Pre-Paid Legal, Numis, Zija, Amway, etc. However the secret society “angle” does throw some people off a bit.

In actuality, the secret society data is more about the reality that the elite class has constantly known how to use the Law of Attraction to its fullest advantage while keeping most other men and women ignorant of how highly effective it is. Other network marketing organizations teach the same things, simply without the mention of secret societies.

All multi-level marketing companies educate on personal growth and development, leadership abilities, conversation competencies, etc.  The MLM game is no different, so if you’ve thought of joining and are apprehensive about the “scam” talk, there’s no truth to those rumors. If you’re looking for a grouping of like-minded persons who can train you in achievement philosophy, then GIN is a nice fit. The actual information taught through a GIN membership touches on topics such as self improvement, alternative health, how to make cash in a variety of businesses and complete life success philosophy.